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Yoga Studio


Finding Freedom of Movement & Mind

ReJen offers a variety of classes & courses to suit your personal fitness and wellbeing goals.

Whether your goal is to relieve aches and pains, tone up, or find some time to relax, our timetable includes both face to face and online classes via Zoom so there is something for every 'body', take a look at what we offer...


Yoga on Beach

Aligning With Yourself

ReJen Yoga is suitable for all abilities designed to refresh you inside & out. Each themed class begins with guided breathwork, moving on to the physical practise using alignment & breathing cues to improve flexibility & muscle endurance. Jen's calm experienced approach to teaching combines elements of Mindfulness, Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga, incorporating both static poses & Yoga flows to revitalise your body, mind & spirit.

Each class ends with a restorative relaxation/meditation that will leave you feeling centred and renewed. 


Yoga Class

Flow, Precision, Control, Concentration, Breath, Alignment, Centring

Pilates combines low-impact flexibility, strength & endurance movements that focus on postural alignment, core control & muscle balance. Pilates teaches awareness of breath and alignment of the spine, aiming to engage & strengthen the deep torso muscles and is often used to aid injury recovery.
Jen’s extensive teaching experience ensures that you are in safe hands in her classes, where options are given to allow every class member to focus on their own level for each exercise. Pilates balls, resistance bands & light weights are used to challenge stability, improving balance & muscle tone.
Jen teaches her class members how to gain precision & flow in their body movements whilst improving overall flexibility & strength.


Aerobics Class

Ballet Inspired Toning

Barre is inspired by elements of ballet, Pilates & functional training uniquely fused to strengthen, shape & tone your entire body. It is a fun, energising, isometric workout choreographed to motivating music.
Barre includes a combination of light cardio and high repetitions of small range movements using light weights and resistance bands to target legs, glutes & core muscles.
No dance training is needed, this is a fitness class to suit every level & ability designed to strengthen, tone & streamline your entire body & leave you feeling fabulous.


Pilates Stretches

Yoga/Pilates hybrid class

ReJen Balance is a unique combination of Pilates & Yoga that will leave you in perfect equilibrium.
This workout is choreographed to music with a wonderful guided relaxation to finish to calm and restore.


Dance Class

Fun Dance Fitness Workout

Zumba is an international fitness programme combining Latin & international music with fun, energetic choreography. Zumba routines incorporate low & high intensity moves for an interval style, calorie burning fun, fitness, fiesta!


Intense Workout

LBT for the 21st Century

ReJen Conditioning is resistance based workout designed around strength training exercises which can help to slow down the rate of bone & muscle loss associated with ageing. This energising workout is designed to help you get lean, toned and fit.



A guided relaxation practise promoting healing in mind, body & soul

The practise of Yoga Nidra translates  from Hindi as 'Yogic sleep'. However the practise aims for us to stay awake & aware, just very close to the boundary of complete sleep. Yoga Nidra is a profoundly healing practise relieving muscular, emotional & mental tension. Regular practise can reduce stress, anxiety and improve overall wellbeing. All you need is somewhere comfortable to lie down and listen to your instructor as they guide you through a deeply restorative relaxation.


Yoga Twist

Bespoke 1:1 Session - Prices from £35

ReJen offers bespoke private sessions both face to face or via Zoom. Face to face sessions can take place at our Wiltshire studio, or we can come to you. Zoom sessions can be arranged from your own home.
Private coaching sessions available include: Yoga, Pilates, Personal Training or a combination of these elements dependent on individual preference. All sessions are specifically designed for each clients personal needs and requirements.


Image by Jordan Wozniak

Bespoke 1:1 Session - Prices from £35

ReJen offers bespoke private sessions via Zoom.

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